Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great Expectations!!!

Husband and I are eagerly awaiting our new grandsons. Oliver (left) and Dexter (right).

Won't be too much longer, now!
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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today was weigh-in day and I managed to get back from vacation without suffering too much on the scale.  I am up from last week, but feel confident that we I will continue getting back in the groove that will allow me to get down to and maintain a weight that looks better and feels better on me.
I've done a bit of thinking about how the weight has been creeping up slowly but surely.  I've been pondering how I let this happen and have determined that it's 'creep'.
I am not immune to 'creep' it seems.  I've been noticing 'creep' on the scales, in the good habits I've developed that I've let myself slip by on, or the not so good habits or snacks I've allowed myself.  Little by little the 'creep' starts to build and gain momentum. 
'Creep' is sneaky because you don't realize how far you have let it in to your house and then one day you are agasp to find him camped out in the spare room, some of its dirty laundry laying around the house and then it occurs to you... you let him in.  You asked him to spend the night... and nights turned into weeks, and into months...  How the hell does this happen? 
Well it may or may not matter how it happened... but I don't really care to spend my time trying to figure that out.  The next step is to take control.  We could throw 'Creep' out into the street along with all his laundry and be done with it... but I suspect that he'd be back before the week was out.  Instead, I think I'll use some of his own sneakiness against him. 
Seems that making small changes and building on them really paid off in the past, so that's what I'm going to do.  I'm going to  sneak a little exercise in when I can and maybe even cut back on portion sizes and cut out  second helpings.  I'm going to let planning creep it's way back into the picture doing the best I can when I can.  
I'm not throwing the Creep out, I'm gonna use him for my own personal gain,  er, I mean for my own personal loss.  


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Christy Got Her Groove Back

Ah yeah! I am spending Sunday doing food prep (rather than painting my interior doors) and am beginning to feel some peace settle in as I work away.  I had been feeling a bit panicky about not having any control, which, I know is an absolute cop-out and so not the truth.  I can do this, but it is going to take a bit more doing than I've done.
I am bagging frozen blueberries in 1 cup (70 calorie) portions and sticking them back in the freezer.
I have been struggling to get a plan around some protein in my diet.  After all of the chicken breasts, I guess I'm just not ready to go there yet and I haven't ever been real big on meat anyway.  After much thought about what sounds good and preps easily, I have settled on egg whites.  So I am hard-boiling eggs for the week.  I plan to bring three a day and I'll just toss the yolks when I eat them, Unless of coarse I'm starving and then I'll eat one.  3 egg whites (51 calories) 10.8 grams of protein! If I went for 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg I'd be getting 54 more calories and 2.6 more grams of protein.  Either way, fairly good way to get in my protein. Husband is watching his sodium and egg whites are kinda high for a food. He'll get 165mg from just the egg whites.  In the big scheme of things it isn't much, but I think it's interesting to see how much there is in food naturally, before the salt shaker.
Husband told me to MARK THE EGGS,  because of the one time he broke open a raw egg out of the wrong container from the fridge and REALLY, I haven't heard the end of it, lol. We were home at the time so I really don't see the big deal... it cleaned up quick. ;)  So I got them all marked...
I think it's the appropriate amount of time away from Easter, just close enough that the memory is still there, but far enough away that they actually might be Easter eggs.  Should anyone see them, he's gonna have to explain his wife's quirky sense of humor.  Who knows, next time he may even have a color request. :)  I think the teal is pretty.
Well, I've got lots to do today, so I'm off to clean up the kitchen, cook up some veggies, finish the laundry... Does anyone want to come paint my doors?
Oh, I updated my weight along the side... check it out! Down this week.  Last week I was paying for a bad food choices including two good sized Root Beer Freezes (that I somehow felt I deserved). I expect next week to be better now that my big toe is feeling better and I've got an action plan with action.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Saturday, Dennis and I picked up two of our G-babies from their Mom and Dad's house. Tukker and Maveryk were both happy to go, but once Maveryk figured out that his mom wasn't coming along he wasn't too sure. He cried for a little bit, and then pulled his Bronco's hat down over his eyes and he wouldn't talk to us. We decided to see if we couldn't catch the last bit of the Baby Animal Birthday Party at Thanksgiving Point. When we got out of the car he wouldn't come to me and would only let Papa D carry him.
By the time we finished, both Tukker and Maveryk seemed to be genuinely happy to be spending time with Papa D and Grandmamom.
We had wrapped them up in some extra jackets we had in the car, because it was a little cool and we didn't realize they both had sweatshirts tucked in their overnight bags. Aren't they just adorable?
They were very good for us and made the whole visit "easy peazy" by going to bed easily, sleeping through the night and not getting up super early. No tantrums or arguments... it was almost strange.
Tukker told me she has a lot of Grandmas... "Grandma Bea, Grandma Trish and she pause a long while "...Grandmamom, and Grandma Thomas and Jaxon." Jaxon, by the way is way too young to be a grandma; he is her uncle and not much older than Tukker. I decided to let it go, he does live with one of her grandmas.
Dennis made them both a happy face pancake this morning for breakfast while we all sat and watched, hungry and happy.
This was one sweet weekend.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I would blog, but...

Gosh, I've been so busy connecting and focusing and sparkling...
and I would love to just tell you all about it.  HOWEVER... the computer I am currently using is too slow and is unfit for this purpose;  the mini computer is just too small  and I get a bit frustrated.  I miss the family laptop. 
So just a quick note to say that I'm still here working at all the same stuff.  Not being too successful on the weight portion, but overall keeping a good healthy balance and fitting a little exercise in.  Feeling like I'm making actual progress on most fronts.
TTFN (Ta-Ta For Now) 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nothing Beats a Clean House!!

Friday morning we left the house and it was not clean, but it was straightened.
Most of the dishes were done.
I had only one load of laundry left to do and a few towels to fold.
I had just weeded out a bunch of unnecessary items from the master bathroom.  
So don't get me wrong... it wasn't chaos, it wasn't "Hoarders" worthy or anything, but we just haven't kept up on the housekeeping that wasn't essential.

When we came home the housekeepers my reluctant husband and I hired for the Deep Clean were done and let me just say, words do not describe how much better I feel!  I knew I'd feel better, but I didn't KNOW how much better I'd feel.
They scrubbed the oven, they scrubbed the stove-top (and got all the stuff off that I couldn't)  and my bathrooms were so clean and the walls were clean.  The blinds were cleaned.  The floors were clean.  The furniture vacuumed.  They even folded the two loads of towels on the folding table.
As a result, my house and I both had "sparkle".  This weekend has been fabulous!  I was able to "focus", I was able to "connect" with my center.
I can't think of one thing I needed right now more than I needed this.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January Update

Bountiful Baskets... Dennis and I were headed out of town to see Kaylee on the 15th and when the truck was 3 hours late, I ended up just forfeiting my basket.  Dennis and  I had a great time in Cedar with Kaylee just hanging out and we went to an art exhibit themed around Alice in Wonderland.  It was cool.  I did make it the following week to volunteer and pick up my basket.  

Get Under 150 Pounds...   Fast  …lol or not so fast.  The weigh-ins on the last two weeks have me up not down.  We ate out in Cedar and I tried to make good choices, but I still ate too much.  I haven't been feeling that good this last week, but apparently it hasn't affected my appetite.   We had Pho Noodles yesterday, so I'm hoping that the sodium in that stuff can account for two pounds... but we shall see.  I'm hopeful,  but dissapointed I'm not in the pink yet.

Maintain a Calorie Deficit   I haven't used much energy this last week.  I was sick a lot and slept even more.  I still ate... Dennis made a yummy vegetarian sweet potato hash that was SUPER yum.

Log Food*... I made my 7 consecutive days logged, actually getting like 9 days!  I got an asterisk!  We’ll see how many of these “*” I can collect.  Currently I'm at 0.

Exercise    I did some exercise at the hotel with Kaylee.  I got on the elliptical while she ran on the treadmill. We did great!  I got sick on Tuesday and stayed that way through Friday night.  Saturday I felt better though.  Today I'm recovering from a very hard unproductive week.  Inertia... got to love it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

January Focus on Fitness

Bountiful Baskets...  Having a big supply of fruits and veggies on hand makes finding something to eat so easy. I used to plan the meal around the meat. Now I look at the veggies I have and go from there. I Love BB! Also, volunteering once a month will help me connect with others in my community and help make sure the Co-Op can stay in our area. Also it provides some exercise and my BodyBugg just loves it when I get a higher calorie burn! Tomorrow is my first BB of the year. I'll be getting up early and dressing WARM to volunteer.

Get Under 150 Pounds...   Fast  … And then work back towards my Goal Weight of 140-144 lbs.   I am hoping to be “in the pink” meaning under 150 for my birthday weigh-in on the 16th.  I’m really close (150.6 this morning) ...if not, I should be seeing that lilac-pink color soon thereafter!   
Just a note:  
 I posted my for 2010 Weigh-Ins off to the side of the blog.
Then I color coded the weights so I could quickly  see how I did for the year.  
There was more Red in 2010 than any other color :(
I want to  get “out of the red” (150 or higher) 
For Good
  steadily “move through the pink” (144.5-149.9) 
to my Goal Weight (140-144). 
  I want lots of Teal in 2011!!!
To do that... I gotta
Maintain a Calorie Deficit   This means that I used more energy than I ate... Must happen if I’m going to get back to goal!  If I connect my actions to my goal in this area, my weigh-in on Sunday will be less than the weigh-in the week before…   (unless I’ve got a little temporary water weight)

Log Food...

The act of logging my calories makes me feel as if I’m paying attention and I ALWAYS get better results when I’m focused. The big thing for me is to log everything I put in my mouth. Not just the good days / meals. This is how I'm gonna Connect the action (what I eat) with the consequence (what I weigh). Log it!  I track Carbs, (Fiber/Sugar), Protein, Fat and Sodium.

I’m working towards 7 consecutive days logged, I’ll get a star an asterisk every time I do this. I’ll just add it right after Log Food**, like that. Today is DAY 5 … We’ll see how many of these “*” I can collect.


Speaking of activity… This is REALLY where I struggled last year to “connect” my actions with my intentions. This will remain a “focus” in 2011.

I want to set myself up to succeed in this area. I want to get past the attempt to get fit, and actually act to get fit consistently, and get results. I’m still pondering. For now, I have the following intention:

In an easy and relaxed manner
In a healthy and positive way
I enjoy an attractive, healthy, strong, tone, flexible body with plenty of endurance.
I’ll probably start with something small to shake off the inertia and see where that leads me.
However this happens for me, I promise, I’m going to “sparkle”.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Wider Our View

"The wider our view, the less isolated we are. The more connected we stay to everything larger than us, the less turbulent our time on Earth."    ~Mark Nepo
My sister Jamie informed me Friday that she had our next project.  She was right!
When I saw her Saturday she showed me her copy of The Book of Awakening:  Having the Life You Want by Being Present in the Life You Have.
There is a short chapter for every day of the year followed up by a simple meditative-type exercise. I purchased the e-book version today and so far I really like it!
The book fits nicely with my Word of The Year ~*Connect*~
This will be great as a guide to ~connect~ with my center and inner knowing.
I had initially thought that my word "Focus" from 2010 would have led me to something like this book, but I think that it even more fitting to have it make it's way to me this year.
The timing couldn't be better.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy 2011!!

So this year I didn't have to search for my Word of the Year. It came to me.  Truly there is a need for me to "Connect" in the upcoming year.

Connect with my center, my values, my inner knowing...

Of course the obvious aspect of the word points to making actual connections with family.  Not just seeing them but get some good time in learning about what's going on and what's important and exciting in their lives.

I  want to "connect" my actions to my goals.  Acting in ways that bring me closer to them.  When there is a disconnect between actions and the goal... you don't end up getting there.  You could end up somewhere VERY different.  Don't want that, now do we?  Not this girl.

I maintained a focus on my goals this past year... but keeping your eye on the prize is only part of the equation, right?  I have to make the connection that what I do (my actions) has to line up and connect with the ultimate goal. When I connect the actions to the goals... I get closer to them.  HUGE impact on where I will be tomorrow, next week, or next year.

The big plunge...

Starting Weight 193.8
Week 1 194.2 - +.4
W- 2 190.2 - -4.0
W- 3 186.4 - -3.8
W- 4 186.2 - -0.2
W- 5 184.0 - -2.2
W- 6 184.5 - +0.5
W- 7 185.0 - -0.5
W- 8 183.2 - -1.8
W- 9 180.0 - -3.2
W- 10 183.2 - +3.2
W- 11 179.0 - -4.2
W- 12 177.1 - -1.9
W- 13 175.1 - -2.0
W- 14 171.6 - -3.5
W- 15 169.9 - -1.7
W- 16 168.4 - -1.5
W- 17 165.4 - -3.0
W- 18 161.9 - -3.5
W- 19 165.4 - +3.0
W- 20 163.0 - -2.4
W- 21 165.8 - +2.8
W- 22 162.0 - -3.8
W- 23 159.8 - +0.4
W- 24 158.0 - -2.7
W-k 25 156.4 - -1.6
W- 26 154.3 - -2.1
W- 27 153.9 - -0.4
W- 28 152.0 - -1.9
August 30, 2009
W- 29 149.9 - -2.1
W- 30 147.7 - -2.2
W- 31 147.1 - -0.6
W- 32 149.5 - +2.4
W- 33 151.3 - +1.8
W- 34 150.2 - -1.1
W- 35 150.8 - +0.6
W- 36 150.3 - -0.5
W- 37 149.1 - -1.2
W- 38 149.8 - +0.7
W- 39 150.1 +0.3
W- 40 156.3 +6.2
W- 41 153.3 -3.0
W- 42 152.6 -0.7
W- 43 152.6 -0.0
W- 44 150.7 -1.9
W- 45 152.4 +1.7
W- 46 153.0 +0.6
W- 47 152.3 +0.7
W- 48 150.1 -2.2

W- 49 147.5 -2.6
W- 50 146.3 -1.2
W- 53 151.0 +2.0
W- 54 149.3 -1.7
W- 55 144.9 -4.4
W- 56 144.1 -0.8
W- 57 140.0 lbs. Goal!!!!