Friday, December 3, 2010

December 2010 Focus on Fitness (updated 12/12/10)

The following is my list of December Goals... one last fitness push for the year... Yay!!

Bountiful Baskets... Volunteering once a month... enjoy eating fresh produce, organic every other week. 
Body Bugg Goals: 

Maintain a Calorie Deficit of 500-750...  This means that I used more calories than I ate... this is the most important goal for weight loss.  If I ate a little more than I should have, did I get enough movement in to counteract that? THIS NUMBER TAKES INTO ACCCOUNT HOW ACTIVE I AM AND HOW MUCH I EAT.  If I meet my target for 6 days I have saved up 3000-4500 calories , if I am good on the 7th day I should lose a pound or just over.  If I decide to "reward" myself…  it all comes out of that account and I need 3500 to lose a pound.  If I underestimated how many calories I ate all week or if I  spend everything I earned… I just maintain.  Which is fine AFTER I reach goal.  Knowing that many restaurant meals will eat up 2000 calories easily or 4 days worth of meeting a 500 calorie deficit goal, it makes it easy to see that these "rewards" should be VERY infrequent and even more infrequently would I eat the whole portion they serve up.    These meals simply are not in the weekly budget if I'm going to meet my goals.   So aligning my actions… (rarely eating out and picking good options when I do) (sticking to logging food intake EVEN WHEN I’M NOT doing what I'm supposed to) and getting 30 minutes of exercise daily are going to go a long way.
Shooting for 500- 750How am I doing?
As of December 12:  The body bugg shows that I have gained  1.3 pounds a week over the last 30 days on average.  Definitely NOT the direction I want to be moving.    I have some very good days in there,… but I also have some not so great meals /days  in there and they really are adding up. 

 Average 8000 Steps a day... Pretty self explanatory, I have averaged 5,846 steps... so this is a STRETCH goal.  I really have to give this constant attention because during a week day I can easily get under 3000 a day.   
I have learned that steps alone do not help with the overall calorie burn quite like a dedicated exercise session where I get my heart rate up and can feel my muscles warming up.  It's good for me though; it helps me get some activity in and would help to probably keeps my body's metabolism from shifting  down into sleeper mode, lol.  This is more of an indicator of where I fit in on an activity level scale.  I think getting up to 8000 would shift me out of sedentary into lightly active.  I'm keeping it around as a goal that just encourages me to move more in my daily living routines.
In December I'm hoping to hit this 10 Days. How am I doing?
No Change.
Log Food Intake...Doing great here!  I like using the Tap n Track application on my iTouch helps a lot. Faster than logging on a website, just because internet connections are slow and tedious fro this task.  An offline tracker really saves time.  My favorite app by far. 
The goal would be 7 consecutive days logged each week:  working towards 28 Consecutive Days Logged.  Check? 
December 12, 2010:  I really only struggle with this when I eat things that I don't want to log.  When I am eating "off plan" it is really hard to own it.  So that's where I'm working to improve on this.  The idea being that I don’t go into denial when I'm off plan.  I know what I'm about to eat or what I just ate and I can adjust accordingly.  If I just pretend that it didn't happen and hope that I don't get a notice in the mail that my account is overdrawn / scale goes up or I'm out of funds  / scale doesn't go down…   I can still eat a treat and actually move down on the scale.  I think that the fact that it's hard to get data sometimes is an excuse not to log and a way of not "owning " my actions.  Connect the action with the consequence.  Log it!
The goal here is to log everything I put in my mouth.  Not just the good days / meals. 
Exercise / Fitness Goals: 
 Wii Fit Plus Minutes... other than just weighing in of course, .. and it's fun, too. I should do this more.
10 Days of 15 Minutes. Check?
December 12, 2010:  I have one day, need to try harder. 
 Elliptical Minutes... this makes for a great 10 minute warm-up or a full workout.
10 Days of 15 Minutes. Check?
No Change.
 Videos... Jackie Warner 15 minute total body workout, or a Yoga video, I have lots to choose from. Yay, this will be fun!!  10 Days of 15 Minutes. Check?
No Change. 

November ...Focus on WORK ...and food and fitness

I can honestly say that the focus has been on work and getting through a couple of audits for the two production facilities. This is where my focus was needed and I'm happy that it all paid off.  Yay us!!

I did not have it in me to contemplate 'camp' or fitness at all.  I traveled a lot and wasn't home to do the work required to stick to 'eating clean' and low calorie.  Husband and I have had a goal to not eat out for the last 80 days of the year and I did great for about a month and then fell from that wagon pretty hard.  I did try to keep my food choices healthy...  oatmeal for breakfasts and lots of salads without cheese and just a touch of dressing for dinners.  It's weird, I didn't feel spoiled that I could eat out... I felt like I was settling for less; less healthy amd less yummy.  (Which is cool, right?)

Nonetheless, I did do pretty good.  I kept my weigh under 150 except for 2-5 days (AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT)  and of those 5 three of them were the last 3 days of the month.

In some ways, it was the best month yet!

Using the Tools:
I did not track my food. When I prepare my food I know the calorie content and how the nutrition breaks down, but when I eat out, I have to guess calories too much, I try for awhile, but then start thinking how off I am and just give up.  I am really trying to let go of the need for perfection in tracking and try and at least do it so I am not letting myself eat without accounting for it.  It's so easy to "forget" about all the BLT's (bites, licks, tastes) and even a snack if I'm not careful.  I would have felt better about imperfect tracking that kept me mindful of EVERYTHING I ate, then not doing it at all.

I didn't exercise more than two or three times this month. My walking partner at work does not travel to Fruitland with me and she's been pretty uncomfortable in her pregnant body this last month on those days that I was in Salt Lake. Still, I have not come up with a Plan B that fits into my work day, so a time must be found in the morning (aaak!) or evenings.   Now to make the matter of making it a priority over other things like crashing on the couch. I will feel better and not feel like I need to crash once I get going most days.    

I'm excited to be done with the Audits and now I can pick up my healthy habits where I left off and see if I can't make some improvements on moving more.

Pumpkin Pancakes with Cranberries were delicious this morning!  I used a whole wheat buttermilk pancake mix from Lehi Roller Mills and added just as much pumpkin puree as I could and still be able to have the mixture act as a pancake batter should.  I added a little water to thin it and put some Craisins in the mix.  It was delicious!

Note: I'm almost done with the huge bag of Craisins I've had for months and months.  Next time I purchase these, I will purchase a non-sweetened variety of dried cranberries.  I've been making "clean eating" changes like this over the past year and have discovered that I love having a say over when I add sugar, salt, or glucaphonameg hexamonobisphenome. (I made that last one up.)  I have a lot of fun shopping for health at the grocery store.

Healthy Foods I Actually Eat A Lot Of...
brown rice
steel cut oats
lowfat greek plain or vanilla yogurt
almond butter
slivered almonds
chia seeds
fruits, lately: cranberries, raisins, apples, persimmons, pomegranate seeds
raw veggies, usually: cauliflower, red peppers, spinach, basil
cooked veggies, usually: zucchinni, egg plant, yellow squash, sweet potatoes
sweeteners: raw agave nectar, maple syrup (the real stuff), and  occasionally raw sugar
black beans, kidney beans, cannelini beans

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week Two Focus on Fitness

On my mark, ...Ready.....     Set....

Ok.... this hasn't been quite what I imagined,  the Fitness Camp meets Real Life has had a lot more REAL LIFE thrown in and not as much fitness as I'd hoped.  So this "camp" has not been all that well,... campy.  Therefore, I can't with clear conscious call it camp... lol.  That's ok, though, I'll just report on what I have managed to do in the previous week.

October 24-October 30
Log Food Intake...Doing great here!  Tap n Track on my iTouch helps a lot. Faster than logging on a website. Check.

Bountiful Baskets... Volunteering once a month... eating fresh produce,... organic every other week.  Check.
Wii Fit Plus Minutes... other than just weighing in of course,  0 Minutes... and it's fun, too. I should do this more.

Elliptical Minutes... this makes for a great 10 minute warm-up or a full workout, nada zero minutes.

Videos... Jackie Warner 15 minute total body workout, Yoga, etc..I did JW twice and yoga once. Yay!!

Body Bugg Goals: 
Calorie Deficit Met...  This means that I used more calories than I ate... this is the most important goal for weight loss.  If I ate a little more than I should have, did I get enough movement in to counteract that? I got 450 ... was shooting for 750.  Not too bad.  I'm happy with that... for now.

8000 Steps... Pretty self explanatory, Nope, I averaged 5,846 steps...  I hit it one day,  a Monday!,   I got over 11,000 steps that day!  That gives me hope for the week days. 

This week has gotten off to a slow slow start, since I am sick with a head and chest cold and it's taking all of my energy...  but we'll not call it a week off.... more of a light week instead.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week One ...almost

I traveled this week for work and so was on the road... away from my scale.
I was not however away from a way to work out. There was a treadmill at the hotel, that normally I'm very good about getting on, but I spent all my time in my room just playing on the computer. Not a lot of steps or calories burned in that activity.
All is not lost, though.  This is an interesting week from the perspective of seeing how the BodyBugg works.
Since I maintained, my weight this week am said to have a Calorie Balance of Zero. I burned the same amount of calories that I ate. I didn't log calories last week... (and I normally do that too.) But the BodyBugg knows what I burned and so can tell me how many calories I ate.
I don't know that this week is going to count as one of the weeks at camp... not exactly what I had in mind... This is a very low activity week. I did no exercise but I ate right... and didn't gain. WooHoo!


It took me a little longer to get this up, than I wanted, but here it is.  Week Zero.(The week before I decided to get my 8 week camp in before the end of the year.)
This week shows some low impact exercise... walking a 5K on 10/9 gave me lots of steps, but didn't really burn tons of calories... (at least I'm always surprised that I didn't burn more) but we literally must work for every calorie burned.  This drills home to me that 80% of how much you weigh / or how much you lose depends on what you put in your mouth.  Based on the weight loss from this week Body Bugg shows me that my calorie intake was 1,320 calories a day as an average for the week.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Focus on Fitness

My past FOCUS posts have been long trying to cover ALL the areas that I was focusing on and to be honest... reading through them makes me feel SCATTERED.

With less than three months left in the year, and PLENTY of progress yet to be made on reaching the goals, I've decided on a new approach.  This post is just about my Focus on Fitness.

Early in the year, my sister Jamie told me in about a Biggest Loser Ranch somewhere by St. George, Utah where anyone can pay for an experience similar to the contestants of the Biggest Loser. I looked into it and saw that it had a gigantic price tag for an 8 week stay and decided that for much less money and no vacation time required I could create a Real World meets Biggest Loser and conduct an Biggest Loser inspired boot camp of my own.

So I came up with a few ideas and a list of supplies needed, and recently came to the realization that if I wanted to make this happen in 2010 I better get busy!

Let me just explain that I have never watched an entire episode of The Biggest Loser, so if when you read this, all you can think is “This is nothing like The Biggest Loser, nothing at all.” Just forgive my ignorance and call it Christy’s Focus on Fitness Plan.

One of the tools I decided I would need early on is my BodyBugg, The little armband I’ve been wearing for the last 36 weeks that monitors the number of steps I take in a day and the number of calories I burn. I have been using this faithfully using it to set measurable goals and I just love the "reality check" it provides.

You burn calories all the time… just to stay alive. You can lay bed all day, never roll over and you’re probably burning over 1000 calories. This is your Basal Metabolic Rate. What I liked about the Body Bugg was that it gave me a more useful number… The number of calories I burn if I go to work, sit at my desk, come home after stopping at the grocery store and make a dinner and then veg out on the couch for the rest of the night.

I got lots and lots of data that showed that my normal weekday burn was around 2050-2150 calories and the number of steps it took to do that was anywhere from 3500 to 5000.

I've had a couple of really good months where I've burned 2300 calories a day on average. Most of the time I'm somewhere between 2050 and 2150 as an average burn in a 30 day period. I got 3800 steps a day on average in March, (SO LOW!!) I’ve managed to get my average number of steps during the workweek up to 5400 steps by adding in a 20 minute walk. Now, I can easily get 5700 steps as an average in a month… My best months have been 7500 steps as a daily average.

Right now I have a walking partner I can count on and good weather. Things look to be changing soon, she has only 7 weeks left to her due date and then she’ll be off on maternity leave to tend to her brand new baby girl. It’s been really nice having company during the walk. When I have to do it by myself, I feel pretty vulnerable all by myself in an industrial area… just doesn’t feel “safe”. Also, very soon I’ll have Ice and Slush to contend with, so I best be pulling together a "Plan B".

Historically, I’ve never been much for exercise. Walking has been my only formal exercise that I have occasionally taken part in. This year has been different. I’ve tried my wings on a few different ventures.

The Whittle My Middle Challenge which came to an abrubt end… and I would have finished (probably) except… ... I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I'm not nice.  Sometimes, I just react without thinking.  

See... this challenge required that I do balancing moves and record the amount of time I was able to do it. It was hard to time myself and Dennis had been happily helping me. All was going well until, ( I’m sure it must have been a sensitive time of the month or someone had been mean to me at the grocery store or something), for some reason I lashed out for him not doing it exactly the way I thought he should. I got mad, raised my voice, and I blamed him for "messing me up"…. He dropped the timer to the floor, understandably offended by my attack, and said he was done. 

After that I have felt too embarrassed to even ask him to time me again. I don't want to remind him of my little "spell". :P So there you have it. My middle is not whittled because I was mean. 

The Couch to 5K venture started out after I ran 1.5 miles as fast as I could and scored POOR on one of the Fitness Tests I took along with Kaylee. I have resolved immediately that I would improve to at least BELOW AVERAGE which still meant I would be below my overall goal of FIT. It wasn’t long after and Amy talked me in to training for a 5K and we found the Couch to 5K training plan that gradually progresses you with intervals of walking and running until you can run a 5K. I’ve downloaded audio mp3 that play music and give you cues when your walking warm up is over and your are supposed to start running and then go back to walking, and then back to running… . I got derailed because my core muscles are really weak and had to put the training on hold. I'm coming back to this… but it's going to have to wait until next year.

In mid July, I got the Wii Fit and began working out really consistently with that. I weigh in every morning on it and I love that it keeps a history of my weigh-ins. It asks me questions like “Did you have a good night’s rest?” and “What is the reason for your weight gain?” :P ...Actually, that last question is not one of my favorite questions. It’s not rhetorical like the first one… I have to fess up to eating too much, snacking on treats, late night eating, etc.

I was getting in at least two days a week very consistently for about 12 weeks. Recently though, I took a couple of trips for work and I let the Wii workouts go by the wayside, only doing them a couple of times since then. Not really sure why? Just interrupted my routine, I guess, and then never got back to it.

I’ve also given some thought to taking some Boot Camp classes offered locally, or joining Curves or Anytime Fitness, but for now… I think I’m better off getting myself in better shape within the confines of the money already spent. Can't feel too sorry for myself considering I have a whole lot of really cool fitness stuff, nothing left to buy or get… it's time to "Just Do It".

So I leave you with the focus for the remainder of the year. The Biggest Loser meets My Real Life looks like this:  Consistently making it a priority to USE THE TOOLS!!!
My short term goals to get me through the end of the year: 8000 step average and 2300 average calorie burns. Neither of these goals are easy… I'm going to take it one week at a time, and hope to hit goal at least 6 of the weeks prior to the end of the year. I'll report whatever I got for the past week in the morning. It's not great, but it will serve as a good point of comparison.

Here's a screen from my Body Bugg program. It shows my current Calorie Burn Goal as 2050 and says I can eat 1550 calories and still lose a pound a week.  Ideal world... I'll be at 140 by the end of the year.  We shall see.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just Thought I'd Share a Link

I just read a couple of blogs, which I haven't taken the time to do in many moons, because I'm just swamped with real life. (not complaining at all) I feel like I'm having a good time with it all.

Anywho... I read one of those "letters to self" blogs that I could relate to in a few different areas and thought I would share. Check it out here.

I'm posting this on the cluttered vision board... after reevaluating some of the stuff that is up there.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Acoustic Night... with the Girls

This was back in July... all the other pics are gone from that night. Which is fine. This was the best one, anyway.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

He's BACK!!!!

Wow!  The garage is clean and the Pantry Project is rolling again.  Here he is sanding the alder boards that he glued together a long long time ago...  They will become drawer fronts.  Basically the pantry still looked the way it did when last I posted about it.... almost 2 years ago.  (more on that soon.)

It's great to have him being able to help with all the man-chores we've gotten behind on around here. 

We even went on a two mile walk yesterday. I never thought we'd go for a walk just to walk, let alone be able to go 2 miles.  I feel very fortunate that we've still got our Dennis and Dennis still has his health. I love him so much!!

WoooHOOO!!!  He's Back!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

That's Pushin' It!

Okay I have used up all my excuses.
So what has happen?? The scale is creeping up into the territory that I never, ever wanted to see again. So what do I do?? Do I continue to allow that to happen?? HELL NO!!!!
It's not all bad, my activity level is the best it's been this last month... consistently too. I'm meeting my calorie burn goal more days than not and the quality of the foods I'm choosing have never been better my whole life.
The problem is I'm eating too much and I'm not telling myself no as much as I used to.
The Madeleine cookies, invented by someone who sold their soul to the devil, has probably had a little something to do with it as well. I've been pretty consistent about those too. ;)

I've adjusted my goal weight... Raised it four pounds. My body didn't want to hang out at 140 with my activity level.. so goal is now 144. I've gained enough that I've got 10-12 pounds depending on the day to lose to get there... but I'll do it.
I tried running again a bit and I've had sore muscles next to my shin bones for the last three days, after only 2 small outings.  My side is fine.
One of my friends keeps saying that running isn't for everyone, and I agree... but I'm just not ready to walk away from the idea yet.  I'm a bit stubborn I guess, or slightly masochistic, one is definitely true, and the other appears to be true on occasion, but I do have a low threshold for pain, so I'm not going to get too worried about that one.
I've been working on getting rid excuses. I've noticed I've accepted far too many from myself and though I don't feel I need to raise the bar on what I expect... I just need to hold myself  accountable. Overall, my areas of focus (other than my weight) have been moving in the right direction. Just need to stay the course and turn up the determination! All is never lost, as long as you stay in the fight! Right?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sharing Pictures

Sandie Kittie loves this rose. She's knocked it over four times since Kaylee got it from Dennis as a graduation present. I sent Kaylee and Dennis this picture so they could see how nice the rose opened up.  Sandie Kittie graciously posed, cuz she misses them, too.
Kaylee's off vacationing with her Colorado family.  Kaylee sent me a picture of the Pacific.
Look at the beautiful pacific :) ~Kaylee

Dennis left to go visit his Dad and Pam and help them out with ceiling/roof trouble.  He sent me a pic of his prop plane just after getting on,  This is the view out his window.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thai Tea and Lunch

I'm having lunch at The Green Papaya. This Thai Tea is SO good!!
I was in the mood for Pho today. I ordered the Pho with tofu and veggies. Can't wait! I'll update later on what I thought of their Pho. The restaurant itself is clean and relaxed. The decor is nice and the seating is comfortable. Prices are decent too.
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Not amazing... Not my favorite pho house. No complaints, it just didn't stand out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My C25K Break

I am SO MISSING taking time out in the day to train and the feeling of accomplishment that goes along with it.
I have had MUCH success with visiting the physical therapist to work on my core muscles... but I can't go on indefinitely using the PT Therapy as a substitute for a personal trainer... I guess. Darn it!!
I suppose now it's time to take some initiative to continue my core work on my own. I have my Home program of exercises and I've done pretty good get in a workout twice a week. (Though less this last week.)
This is not where I'd like to be with workouts; I'd like to rack up at least 5 sessions a week, but I guess I've been practicing at getting started. Sometimes you practice at quitting a habit, and sometimes you practice at starting a habit. It'll take, maybe this time, maybe next time, but until it does you get to hear about the latest attempt.
The point is I've been trying... and all of it is moving me in the right direction, but I am ready to quit trying and just be, "be" the fit active health nut I've been working at becoming.
Baby Steps!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Couch to 5k Update

Week 1 Round 2
As I said before this was a repeat week, since I struggled a bit with getting through the complete workout... until W1D3. (That day was awesome!)
This week's workout consists of 5 minute warm-up of brisk walking followed by  8 intervals of running 60 seconds then walking 90 seconds and another 5 minutes cool-down by brisk walking,
3 times a week.
W1D4:  Tuesday 3/23/10
I went to the Legacy Center with Kaylee.  She had a weightlifting assignment to get out of the way, so I helped her with that and then left to start my C25K workout, while she did some calculations.   I warmed up for 5 minutes with some brisk walking. I was finished with my first 3 running intervals when Kaylee came and pushed me harder on the running rounds.  By the 7th and 8th round I thought I would drop from exhaustion but I made it!  So glad/proud to be done!
 Wednesday 3/24/10
The pain that started on W1D1, and has had me limping around on my rest days... was getting increasingly more important.  I put a couple of feelers out on some running message boards and decided to see a doctor, just to make sure that I was doing the right thing to just "work through" the aches and pains of my new endeavor.
I hadn't mentioned the pain, because I was staying positive and choosing not to focus on the little aches and pains.  But since it was getting worse and I couldn't walk well at all...  I figured it deserved some looking into.
 Since then...  The doc ruled out  kidney stones, a urinary tract infection, and said that his best guess was that my deep core muscles are very weak and resulted in me pulling/ straining / spraining something.       So the latest is... I'm working with the physical therapist to heal and then strengthen my core muscles enough to start the program again without that stupid pain in my side...  A little detour, a slight shift of focus and probably I'll be back to this before you know it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Couch to 5k

The Couch to 5k program requires 3 workouts a week for 9 weeks. The program get's increasingly difficult as you move through it. They do not recommend moving on to the next week's workouts until you feel comfortable with the current week.
Week 1
This week's workout consists of 5 minute warm-up of brisk walking followed by  8 intervals of running 60 seconds then walking 90 seconds and another 5 minutes cool-down by brisk walking.
 By the way, there are t-shirts available with the logo in the picture here.  How cool would it be to have one of these??  WAY cool! 
I had originally planned on doing this Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  After technical difficulties on Sunday, I finally got the i-pod synced and ready to go for a Monday run. (or so I thought.)  So Week 1 (W1) began on Monday (D1) now the schedule is Mon Wed Fri, which should work out just fine.  If I end up repeating a week, I'll indicate this by using Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6 or D4, D5, and D6... etc...  I can already tell halfway through the week that Week 1 is a definite repeat week.  Which is fine.  No sense in pressing forward if my body isn't ready!

W1D1:  Monday 3/15/10
I went to the Legacy Center to use their track.  It's 1/6 of a mile in length and is pretty nice, plus it's out of the weather and air pollution.  When I tried to start the W1 podcast, I discovered that for some reason, I only had Week 5 downloaded!  I was super bummed and considered just starting on Tuesday, but I decided that I "sort of" knew what to do and just went for it.
I warmed up for 5 minutes with some brisk walking. This is the way every C25K workout begins and ends.
Then I ran for awhile... then I walked for awhile, then I ran for a while... walked, ran, and then my runs got really short and I walked more toward the end.  SO TIRED!!  I was so happy when I got to the 5 minute cool-down.

W1D2:  Wednesday 3/17/10
Back to the Legacy Center, wearing a green t-shirt for the holiday and carrying a bottle of water, I was pleasantly surprised that the techno music used in the podcast was decent and actually pretty motivating.  In the beginning my pace was just under 1/6 of a mile for both the running (60 second) and walking (90 second) interval.  I tried to keep that pace, but started losing ground by the 6th interval set.  I am excited I have an easy way to gauge my pace. (This means I'll be able to see that I'm improving with time.) I wasn't able to run during the eighth interval, the seventh was a killer and I didn't have the energy for even "1 more minute" of running.  Still, I'll count this as a success.  I completed the whole workout and I'm still alive to tell about it.  This is a definite challenge, but I'm up for it!    
Thursday:  Went shopping for some running shoes.  They'll be $100.  Maybe as a reward for completing week 5...?  I'll get some sooner if needed, but I think I can wait to make sure I hang in there for a few weeks, first.

W1D3:  Friday 3/19/10
...Such a busy day and everyone needing my time...didn't happen.
W1D3:  Saturday
Dennis said I could get the running shoes NOW!!!   He's very proud of me and keeps saying encouraging sweet things.  I was stoked about getting shoes and wasted no time.  I picked up the pair of Nike's from Fleet's Feet in American Fork and headed over to the Legacy Center. They really support me better and they feel very stable... I tend to roll into the center and these shoes help keep me where I'm supposed to be. It's nice to have shoes meant for the job.  It's better for my body too.
I made it over to the Legacy Center about 4 pm, put on my running shoes, selected the Week 1 program and Guess What?!?  I ran all the running intervals!!!  It was the easiest workout so far... still hard, but easier!!  So now I move on to Week 1 Day 4, which is another way of saying I'm repeating Week 1.  My body's not quite ready for the next level, but days 4, 5, and 6 look like I'm going to be training at the right level to take on Week 2 once they're done. 

What a trip! Me running????    Yeah, baby, YEAH!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Focus Update

FOCUS has been kicking my butt, quite honestly. 
I've been feeling pretty scattered... (my last post being a prime example).  But let's face it, things are in transition and I'm incorporating new things and trying out ideas and activities and until I get some time and experience with these things, it's going to feel like I'm scattered, because I am.  Not to mention that things are not quite normal round these parts, I am trying to jam workouts into my very full life that is a bit more hectic because Dennis just had major surgery,  Kaylee has been swamped with homework and if it weren't for Mom Bea helping Dennis out during the day... my ability to get the necessary things done wouldn't have been possible. Thanks Mom Bea!
Considering though, it's all going pretty well, even if it feels like I'm not "in the groove", so to speak.  There are plenty of people balancing much more than I am right now, so I know it's "do-able".  It's just going to take me some time before I feel like I'm good at it. 

I think getting a little more clear on happenings in the areas of focus and what I've got going will help me going forward.  This is where things currently stand and reflect what I currently want to work on, I can take stuff off, add, but I think keeping it organized somewhere will help as well. 
FOOD:  Change Your Mind, Change Your Body (an audiobook); Meal Planning with Bountiful Basket bootie;  Logging Food eaten; Maintain right calories in to maintain weight.
FITNESS:  I have a schedule! (scheduled days not scheduled times, times are flexible)  MWF - Couch to 5k, and TTh - Yoga / Stretching.  Walking at lunch 3x a week, minimum.  7500 steps / day.  And eventually, back to the Whittle My Middle challenge.  Get a new Bod Pod (%Body Fat / Lean Mass composition) measurement shortly. 
FINANCE: We have a "Budget on Paper!"  Now to make sure we're following it and get it tweaked.  Get back to cash!  Prioritize wish list.

ORGANIZATION/ ORDER:  BigOven (meal planning, recipe software) 2: De-Clutter and Simplify!!  I've been picking an area or room and working on it with real attention to de-clutter and organize the space, meanwhile building a pile of things to Garage Sale. 3: Organize Now! A week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life... (a book)
 There!  I feel better already!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


FOCUS: Organization /Meal Planning / Grocery Budget / ... oh and Decent Dinners!

BIG PROBLEM:  We've been having a decent dinner only 1 or 2 nights a week. The rest of the week we are ala carte.  The kitchen is a wreck and I have no room to work..
BIG PROBLEM:  I'm grocery shopping 3-5 nights a week.
BIG PROBLEM:  I don't have a grocery budget currently, but if I did... It wouldn't be nearly as big as the spending has been over the last 3 months.  This needs to be halved... minimally and immediately.

As part of "FOCUS" more organization is needed in my life.  This organization should carry over to helping out with Finances...
I've started organizing the house.  I have a pile of stuff to garage sale and I've been going through a drawer, a shelf, a cupboard over the last couple of weeks and the stuff is looking better in areas.  This is ongoing and I'm making continuous progress... and the best news?  Lately, you can tell, that this has been happening.  There is a difference,  small right now,  but a noticeable difference.  The kitchen is looking better, too.

Good News!!! We HAVE a budget again.  I think I'm beginning to crawl out of my pit of denial.
I think Bountiful Baskets is going to help me out on a couple of levels.  Less trips to the grocery store trying to stay stocked up on good clean healthy eats which means less opportunities to throw a little something extra into the cart. which means SAVINGS at the grocery store in addition to the SAVINGS I get just buying my produce from the CoOp. 

Something I've decided to give a try is BIG OVEN.   This program organizes recipes, (you can even import a recipe from a website),  let's you set up meal plans with those recipes, and generates shopping lists based on your meal plan and what you say you have on hand when you are creating your shopping list. It also helps you organize your nutrition information for the recipe... a very very nice and necessary feature.  Set-up of this is going to be pretty labor intensive to get the recipes I want organized into the program, but there's a lot of stuff already there, so I can use some of their recipes.  Click here for a review ABC did of the program.
After using it for a few days I've ran into another BIG PROBLEM:  BigOven does not do the dishes or clean the kitchen, so I have had to pull away from learning / customizing the program to take care of these chores.  I'm still dealing with a learning curve, so BigOven is not a "tool" at this point... more of a "project" (like I needed another one of those. ;)

How It's Worked So Far:
I've done two shopping lists from it, or the equivalent 6 recipes... put together a couple of loose meal plans for and generated a shopping list... and took it to the store.  While there I saw some "other items" that would be good to make something with, and put it in my cart.  Then I took it OUT of my cart saying that once I got it on a "meal plan", I would come back and purchase it later.  I had items needed to cook actual meals, I got to cook actual meals and I've had fun doing it.  The planning time really pays off.  When I make sure to find planning time.  I'm still learning, so I'm a bit slow... but this all takes time and if I had more of that... I'd be screaming on this already.  So I expect to see real benefits after I've had it awhile.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In (#57) GOAL!!!!

Today I weighed in at 140.0!   On the money!  How weird is that?  
I just couldn't be happier!!!!  WOOHOOOO!!!!

Good Habits: 
Chewed sugarfree-gum for my sweet tooth.
Drank a half liter of water on the way to work and a 20 oz on the way home, every day.    
Drank 2-3 20oz bottles of Dasani while at work.  (Dasani is a nice healthy job perk.)
I went for three walks this week at lunchtime.  It was a little cold, but MUCH more tolerable than doing it in the heat of summer. 
I packed my lunch every day. This has become easy peasy...  I've become very good at planning and prepping so throwing it all in a bag in the morning, is like grabbing my purse before I walk out the door.

Still Needs Improvement - 
I managed to stretch one night for about a half hour and the short brisk walks at lunchtime, but I really want to be fit.  I want to be toned.  I want to feel strong.  I want to be flexible.  I want to have good endurance. I want this when I'm 60.  I want an active enjoyable retirement, one where I can put in a garden, go on a hiking trip in Peru, take a yoga class, explore Italy...

... A New Endeavor
My sister  Amy thinks we should run a 5K.  ... and I didn't say no.  (I didn't run either.)  We're thinking very seriously about doing the Couch to 5K program.  By the way, I get points for even considering doing this;  Running is NOT my thing, you understand.  However, truth be told Amy does all kinds of things that I want to do, so I really should reciprocate.  So this weekend I have put in some serious planning and figured out how to get training for a 5K, (did I just say that?) into my schedule. My C25K training starts today.... wish me luck! 

Now to Get On With My Healthy Fit Life!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My First Bountiful Basket

Isn't it beautiful?  This is the contents of my organic Bountiful Basket!!!!  I picked it up in Springville this morning.  I got there early, and was glad I did.  There were TONS of people there, and it's no wonder!  What a great deal! I got some Romaine Lettuce, Kabocha Squash, Pineapple, Cameo Apples(7), Oranges(6), Mangoes(4),  Kiwi(6), Fresh Dill, Potatoes(8), Asparagus, Eggplant, and Leeks.

I was like third in line, so I got to see the whole set up before people had really picked there stuff up. This picture was taken with my camera phone, but it's clear enough to give you a good idea of how amazing the whole thing is, remembering this whole thing is volunteer operated! They were super organized.

If you add in the produce I paid a little extra for... it looks like this!
This added avocados, green onions, cilantro, mexican limes(7) (same as key limes?), Jalapenos(4), Chipotle Peppers (smoky flavor)(4), Red Anaheim Chili Peppers (mild flavor), (10), an onion, garlic, and grey squash (a lot like zuchinni).

I'm trying to think through shelf-lives and come up with and prioritize recipes.  I've already got a couple of ideas for the Kabocha, there's a Coconut Butternut Squash Stew that I think the Kabocha Squash would go nicely in.  Then, since it's a Japanese squash, I though that a traditional recipe, Simmered Kabocha, would be good. But the squash will keep, and the leeks won't.  The one I found,  involves Sake (rice wine) and Dashi (fish broth). I'm game to try it.  (I plan to sample the simmering sauce before I put the squash in it).

So anyways, I have to give this some thought, or I'll be throwing a bunch of stuff out, and that would be a REAL shame!  I'm excited!!  How fun!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In #56

Down 0.8 this week!  144.1. 
This could have been better, but a had a night where I ate too much.  Still haven't recovered fully from it.  But everything is going the right direction. 
I did some measurements and inches are down from 5 weeks ago, significantly. 
I'll be back to fill you in! 

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In #55 and Month in Review

This was a good week for weight loss.  Of course I was sick in bed for a couple of days, and usually that works in your favor when your hoping to drop some poundage. I'm down 4.4 pounds!  Now at 144.9 from 149.3.  I pounds!  I'll take it!  I drank lots of water the last 2 days so I'm not dehydrated for this week's weigh-in.  I didn't want next week's weigh-in to be up just because my body had re-hydrated, and then end up feeling like I did something wrong. Hopefully I got enough water.  I took a Flintstone vitamin yesterday afternoon, which made hydration somewhat difficult to gauge last night.  I'm hoping I was all hydrated. 

I packed my lunches again for the three days I did go to work and my night time eating was right on track.Usually being home with all the food, I don't do quite as well as when I have the structure of only having the proper portions of healthy foods I brought with me. 

I said last week that I needed to be more aware of what I was putting into my mouth.  This week I didn't taste what I cooked for others, unless I put it into a small dish first.  This meant I did it a lot less, (twice) and I did it very conciously.  I chewed gum while I was cooking, which meant I had to take my gum out to eat, and was surprised, how I caught myself this morning holding my gum about to taste the oatmeal that was left in the pan after serving, all on "auto-pilot"!  Crazy.  I didn't stand up to eat my dinner while working in the kitchen, as I have a habit of doing.  I actually put everything I was going to eat on the plate and sat down and ate it.  I feel like I don't have time to do this most nights, but in reality I do and I think it helps me to mentally feel like I've had a meal.

I went to Olive Garden for a business lunch on Monday and planned exactly what I was having, based off of my experience a few weeks ago when I went to lunch with my friend.  Take a look at what I had earlier this month versus what I had on Monday. 

Menu Item (2/5/2010)
Garden Fresh Salad
Zuppe Toscana

Menu Item (2/22/2010)
Garden Fresh Salad
(no dressing)
Parmesan Cheese hard
.25 oz
Zuppe Toscana



I've kept plenty of fruits and vegetables around and the cupboards don't have much in them that really tempts me.

I made a spinach and parmesan quinoa dish that was really good.  Kaylee liked it too, but asked for more Parmesan.  Dennis said it was OK. This was a recipe I got from BigOven.

I am really trying to get out of saying it wrong,  It's "keen'-wah" not "qui-no'-uh".

The leftover quinoa softened up quite a bit overnight.  Surprised me a little.  I thought it would keep it's crunch... guess not.
Overall I'm down 8.0 pounds this month.  (Started counting when I did my BodPod measurement.)

Here I am in the BodPod trying very hard to breathe normally and not move.  Just reminds me of Mork and Mindy...   " Nanoo, Nanoo!! from Planet Ork!"  I think the egg shaped space ship and the swim cap make me look very Orkan.
My BodyBugg Data Report for the month:
My target for Calories Burned is very doable, but high enough I have to do some exercise or I won't hit it.  Kaylee probably helped me out a little bit on this, I think she was wearing it the day that I showed the highest activity. 

March is going to be fabulous.  I'm going to focus on logging my food and moving more.  TOM is always a difficult week as far as munching so I am going to need to put together some strategies that reduce stress and keep me out of the front of the open refrigerator.  ...maybe some activity that burns calories!

Confidence level heading into March on a scale of 1 to 10? 
10, Baby, 10!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In #54

Today I weighed in at 149.3, down 1.7 from last week.
What went well this last week?  I made some healthy banana almond snack bread that was very filling and yummy.  I planned and shopped for and made 3 meals. I've prepped my chicken for the coming week. It's cooked, frozen, and ready to take for lunches (it's usually thawed perfectly by lunchtime).  I've portioned Frozen Blueberries out and those are ready.  I've been very consistent about packing my lunches. We ate out at Buca de Beppos and I ate some of everything, and I must have done well enough the rest of the week that I still lost. SCORE!!  Also, I've just felt more centered overall. 

What could have gone better?  Just staying aware of what I'm putting into my mouth, the bites, licks and tastes when I cook, I think I quit paying attention to those and they are adding up.  Gotta stay away from adding the Coffee-Mate to my coffee.  I think I did this 3 or 4 times. I could have preplanned a few food choices for our night out, maybe drank a big thing of water on the way to the restaurant.

General stuff:
I have had my BodyBugg for about 3 weeks now and it's really helped me to see what's been going on with the "Maintenance" stage I've been in.  I can see from tracking (and we all know you don't NEED a BodyBugg to track) that although I feel like I"m doing good MOST of the time, I've established a pretty predictable pattern.
I eat according to plan, creating a "Calorie Deficit" (burning more calories than I consume), which is exactly what I need to do to drop some poundage. 
Then I eat more calories than I should, which cancels out the "Calorie Deficit" goal I worked to get, and then I eat the amount of calories needed to maintain.  All of this happens every week.  There's various "reasons" behind it, and it doesn't always happen in that order, but the calories tell the same story.  Very interesting... and useful information!  I really am getting the results for what I put into this. I love the accountability.  I like feeling accountable for choices, as opposed to the frustration that comes with not realizing what's going wrong.
Using the BodyBugg, I can see why Tosca Reno says the "beautiful body formula" is 80% Nutrition, 10% Training and 10% genetics.  I believed it, but when I saw my workout calorie impact versus the "what I put in my mouth" calorie impact... it all makes total sense.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well, because it's hard to do... Weekly Weigh-In #53

Last Week's Weigh-In?
No, I didn't forget, I just hate posting that it's not better, or in this case not as good as the previous week. (I was up 2 pounds.)

So back to why I thought blogging weekly weigh-ins was a good idea...

It's a way to hold myself accountable.
It's  a way to celebrate when I was successful as well as "fess up" if I wasn't trying hard enough. 
It's  a way to support others and be supported in this endeavor.
It's  a time to review the past week and see what went well and what didn't.  Using that information, I would be able to better "FOCUS" on what was needed for the upcoming week and stay successful, a motivational tool for me.
Honestly though, I'm having a tough time seeing it as a motivational tool for me when I don't show a loss on the scale.  But, if I just stop blogging, when I' still have road to travel, what else would I be giving up?  Would I lose another pound?  Maybe, maybe not. But at least part of me thinks if I stop posting weekly-weigh-ins that it would be the first step to giving up.  I don't want to go there.  So I'll continue on... and I will make real progress again, ...  cuz I'll make sure.   See ya tomorrow, rain or shine!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

This recipe is one I modified from my Eat Clean Cookbook by Tosca Reno.

Lettuce Wraps
 2 tbsp / 30 mL best-quality extra virgin olive oil
2 pounds Jenny-O Ground Turkey (I used 1 pkg ground turkey breast, 1 pkg 93/7 ground turkey)
1/2 red onion, chopped, finely chopped
2 green onion (bulbs only), chopped,
2 stalks celery, trimmed and finely chopped
Handful of baby carrots or 1 good sized carrot, peeled and grated (1/2 to 3/4 cup)
1 roma tomato, peeled and chopped fine
1/2 red bell pepper, seeded and deveined, finely chopped
Handful fresh basil, chopped
Green Onions (green part) sliced
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 Tbsp Plum (Hoisin) Sauce
2 Tsp Curry (this provided a mild spiciness)
Iceberg Lettuce Leaves (rinse well) (Core the head of lettuce first)

Pour olive oil into wok and heat over medium high heat. Add ground turkey, red onion and green onion bulbs and celery and cook until meat is no longer pink.

Add carrot, tomato, pepper and basil and salt and cook until carrots and peppers have softened (about 6 minutes).

Mix sesame oil, plum sauce and curry together in one side of wok, then stir / toss to coat the turkey and vegetable mixture.

Tosca used the same amount of vegetables and 1/2 the turkey that I did.  I liked the way mine turned out and there is more for later.  We ended up serving our lettuce wraps as a salad, because our head  of lettuce did not produce nice flat leaves, but we put a half cup over a big bowl of lettuce pieces and it was MARVELOUS.

Oh Yeah!  The sauce.

I used stuff we had on hand....
  • about a 1/4 cup soy sauce
    Publish Post
  • 1/2 tsp of horseradish (no hot mustard)
  • 1 tsp of rooster (Siracha Chili Sauce) 
  • 1/8 cup rice vinegar... (malt vinegar worked fine.)  
We used less than a tsp over our 1/2 cup serving and it seemed just right.

These are my new favorite lettuce wraps... and they are pretty good for me too!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In (#52)

52 Weeks... One year of Weigh-Ins!!!  I have learned so so much!!! ... about nutrition information, about calories and macro-nutrients,  and food choices and myself...
I'm still here and I'm still doing this.  GO ME!!!! WooHoooo!!!

I weighed in at 149.0 today, so I guess the punishment from frequenting the dessert bar wasn't as bad as it looked... I am so glad!!!   Still, not a lesson that I'll soon be forgetting...  SCARY!!!! But enough of that!

The Bod Pod measurement was cool.  I am 27% fat... This puts me in a "Moderate" category which is one of the two healthiest categories.  It also reaffirms to me that my goal weight of 140 is right on the mark. That will put me well into the "Lean" category...(which is the other healthiest category) 

At 140 it looks like my % Body Fat will be right around 21%. I plan to get another measurement once I've been at goal for a few weeks. Just to see where I'm at. I think 18 - 22% sounds like a very happy % Fat Number.

But as for this week... 149 sounds beautiful... (sigh of relief)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In #51


I'm up 9 1/2  CAKES pounds.  Insanity entered my life last week in the form of a well stocked dessert bar. For the first two days I was there. I just thought about it...(constantly) and  then I let myself have some and I ate way too much.  And if it had stopped there I would have been OK.  But, then I did it again and again at nearly every meal. Something just flipped and I really didn't, couldn't get the control back...

Maybe I was too stressed, maybe I was too restrictive for too long, maybe I was tired of being hungry, maybe I was self sabotaging for some deep purpose...  I really don't know.  I do know that it felt heavenly and then it felt crazy and stupid.  It doesn't really matter why it happened.  I don't think it's really worth exploring beyond what I've done right here.  I'm really more about moving forward, I do know that what I need now is to cut myself some slack, accept that it happened, love me anyway and just start working toward goal... without a deadline.  I need to be really really nice to me, because I'm feeling really wounded right now and just stay the course.  I can do this... it's just time to wipe the creme-filling off my face, tie my cute shorter hair back into a kinda ponytail and get back to order and exercise and reasonable eating that will get me to my goal. 

I looked the beginnings of an eating disorder square in the face this last week.  It wasn't pretty and it wasn't me.  I mourned the fact that I have officially missed my 140 pounds  by Valentine's.  It's not going to happen. It sucks, but we all have consequences... I can take mine like a big girl.  ...well now that I've had a good cry about it, I can take it like a big girl. 

140 will happen and it will happen as soon as I am ready.  Back to basics...  back to reason... back to not feeling like all the desserts will drop off the face of the planet any second... and I do NOT need to eat like I am going into hybernation for the winter.

The truth is... I love the food I've been eating.  I love the lack of super sweetened desserts and and how I feel.  I'm enjoying finding the next healthy food and how I best like it prepared.  I love feeling energetic and thin enough to get around easily.  I'm not leaving anything behind... I'm just moving on to something better.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Date!!!

It's been over a year since we went on a planned dress-up date. We do stuff quite often but it's nice to do something planned that you can anticipate.

It was a very nice evening. We went to a dinner party with the plant management team at Dennis' work. Our good friends Roger and Trish were there and since I used to work there too, so it was nice to see so many people that I knew and had worked with. I also got to meet most everyone's spouse and that was nice. It made it a very comfortable social gathering and I was able to meet the new plant manager and finally put a face with the name.
The food was so good! It was at Christopher's, an upscale Steak and Seafood restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City. We socialized and ate in a private low lit dining room. I dare say everyone enjoyed themselves, and I don't think that's always the case at work related functions.  I enjoyed a piece of moist cheesecake that was better than most cheesecake you get, with a little bit of coffee after dinner.
It was a fun night out with my handsome hubby and good friends... couldn't be better than that!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Testing, testing.... is this thing on??

I mentioned that Kaylee is taking a Fitness for Life class online and that I was playing along...

Well, the first few assignments are tests of your fitness and cardiovascular health.
You do things like Calculate your BMI which tells you whether you are normal, underweight, overweight or obese.  A year ago my BMI was 31.2, and I was considered overweight.  Supposedly the health effects are essentially the same, wherever you fit into the category, high end or low end, statistically it doesn't matter.  You'll be just as healthy or unhealthy as someone at the other side of the category.   I really like the category breakdown that Dr. Halls put together for BMI.  This is a pretty good site for calculating your BMI and figuring out what you want to set as your realistic "ideal weight"  Funny, he suggested a higher ideal weight for me if I told him I was 193 pounds than when I told him I was 146...  by about 19 pounds!  A year ago my ideal weight was 153 now it's 134!  (Perhaps he's breaking the goal into smaller pieces, so I don't get overwhelmed?)  I'm sticking with 140 for now, till I know how that feels.  I'm not going to redecide on a number when I haven't seen it/ felt it in over a decade... or is it two?  Plus I believe your body has "happy number"s that it likes to hang out at.  One of mine is 153,  maybe another is 140, or 134...
You also take blood pressure, resting heart rate,  exercising and waist ratio measurements. -- All good here.
Last year my resting heart rate measured before I even sat up in bed was 90 beats per minute.  Now I can be walking around walmart and my heart rate is 80.  That's awesome improvment that makes me pretty happy!   My resting heart rate first thing in the morning is now 70 bpm!.  It's not the best fitness test, just an indicator.   Recovery heart rate is more important; how long does it take your heart to slow down to normal after exercise?  We're not measuring it quite like that in "Fitness for Life"(recovery heart rate 3minutes after you stop)... why not?  I wonder if it's in the book...

The class also has us measure our body fat composition.  These measurements are a bit harder to get... My latest in September put me in the Healthy Range (18-30% for woment) at 29%. I don't know what it was at it's highest but I do know that at 170 pounds  it measured 32% back in 2006.  FFL class tells you that you need to get a measurment, and  as a result I found out that we have access to a fancy machine for doing this up at the U of U and it is much more accurate than those home fat scales and the hand-held models you see see at home or the doctor's office.  Costs $25 and YES, we're that curious.  Plus it just seems so cool!!

The BIG test was the 1.5 Mile Run for the best time you can get.  Kaylee and I checked out the track at the Legacy Center in Lehi (Cost $0.50) to run on a warm dry track.  (Money well spent.) 

The time for woment 35-50 years old that is considered "good" is 13.5 minutes.  Over 18.5 minutes is bad and you need extra work on your cardiovascular fitness.   I landed in this "Low Fitness" with a time of 18.75 minutes,   Kinda cool, in a way:   15 seconds and I move up to a  "Marginal Fitness"  level.  Sounds like a good short term goal to me...  I want to be at the "Good Fitness"level, or at least feel like I am.   I'm not really interested in  looking for more than that...   and this is only one test.  I'd be tickled pink with measurable progress.

Oh, and I am currently capable of 1 pushup in 30 seconds...  and ummmm I don't really care.  I hate push-ups, lol.  So, I'll strengthen my arms, but I don't see pushups being part of the routine. Nope!!!

I am healthy, maybe not as fit as I need to be, but HEALTH is so huge!!  And it makes getting to FIT so much easier!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I realized today that I haven't done an update blog on my goals or  life in general in a while, so here it is for your viewing pleasure!

But FIRST!!!
I got a really great present that I wanted to share... related to my word of the year.
I am just so excited! Trish made this gem for me.  See how pretty?

This came in a frame as part of a gift basket full of goodies like scented oil and diffuser reeds, scented lotion, candles placed on a plate with some zen looking rocks...  Everything followed the theme, it was so cool!  I know, I know... a picture says a thousand words... 

The card explains that brown is the color for concentration and study and that the scents and colors of jasmine, amber and eucalyptus are believed to promote "FOCUS".  Everything is centered around the theme of Focus.  This is just too cool and very personal!  I've got all kinds of meditative, visual and sensual aids to help me on my quest to achieve greater 'Focus' this year.  Thanks for the Very Perfect gift from Trish and Family.  Wow!! I am humbled.  They love me so much! 

- Focus on Weight Loss  I've been working on the major goal to Lose 53 pounds by Valentines Day of this year to reach goal of 140.   I started the year out at 152.3 (Week 47) and am down 4.8 pounds so far this year.  I have 7.5 pounds to go to reach goal and have 4 more weekly weigh-ins to go. 
** I'm on track.  This is still very acheivable!!!

I'm counting this as a HUGE ACHEIVEMENT and a SUCCESS whether I hit the date or not though.  I am so ready to be there, to just be able to check it off the list so to speak.  One more sprint and then I can work on maintenance and break out with some fun healthy recipes and some cool active hobbies, no doubt.   So I'm looking forward to the slight shift in focus, accomplishing maintaining my new healthy weight.   I maintained around 150 pretty good for a good long time recently, (even though that wasn't really what I was going for...) so I feel good about what I need to do.  Happy to be down, and happier still in another 7.5 pounds.

- Focus on Fitness  Workout those CORE Muscles:  I am on hold for the Whittle My Middle Challenge.  I can't be doing too much in the way of strength training just yet.  Probably a week or two after I hit my target weight, I'll work on this.  Right now the focus is on Cardio health and overall strength training. Healthy FIT body here I come.
How am I doing? Well these are the CDC's recommendations for 
 Adults (aged 18–64)
  • Adults should do 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate-intensity, or 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity, or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity. Aerobic activity should be performed in episodes of at least 10 minutes, preferably spread throughout the week.
  • Additional health benefits are provided by increasing to 5 hours (300 minutes) a week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, or 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both.
  • Adults should also do muscle-strengthening activities that involve all major muscle groups performed on 2 or more days per week.
One thing that has changed for me is that I actually WANT to exercise these days.  This is a major shift in attitude for me.

I have been doing "ok" with my Cardio  (60 minutes a week, roughly) and haven't been getting to  strength training at all.   So far this week I have 45 minutes total between the two days I've exercised.  Kaylee is taking a Fitness for Life class online and I'm playing along.  So far, so good.

Looking forward my immediate Focus is to see an improvement from the 2-3 cardio days and 0 strength days that I'm doing now.  Any improvement here will be SO COOL!!  Eventual goal would be to have the minimum exercises in on a consistent basis week to week.

- Focus on Healthy Eating... I'm loving my new books by Tosca Reno.  I find it all very inspiring and I love the focus on REAL food.  If you prepare your meals rather then picking them up at a restaurant or heating them up from frozen, then you're most of the way there.  I'm looking forward to getting my 6 meals a day on MAINTENANCE and trying TONS of new recipes.
So these are what I have so far...  I've read the main book (the first one here) three times already. 

This one's more of a journal, or log for eating...  with tips.

I have only browsed through this... It's on my "to do" list.
I just got her new cookbook for my birthday and I've nearly read it front to back...  LOVE LOVE LOVE my Birthday Present! Thanks to Kaylee, Kenzie and Dennis for paying attention to what I might like. Good gifting!!

Having all of these books do not indicate an obsession by the way, it's called FOCUS!  and I'm allowed.  :)

Focus on Finances:   Ummm.... I still WANT to be debt free, but I've made plenty of decisions last year that really demonstrate a lack of focus on the goal.   I'm afraid to run the numbers, frankly.  However, 2010's word is going to remind me to stay on track and give this the attention and make debt reduction the "central point as of attraction, attention and activity".  DAMN CHEEEEETAHHHHHH!!!!

I'm really enjoying iced tea in my new Iced Tea Maker with the "fancy teas" I picked up from Spoons & Spice with my Birthday money from Bea. I got a roobios (red) chai tea and a white green tea mix....

So far I have only tried the Rooibos Tea. I've sweetened Three quarts of Tea with three packets of Stevia and also had it unsweetened. Both ways are amazing. I had to learn to wrap my loose tea leaves in filters. It doesn't quite work the same as coffee grounds in a coffee filter... clogged up my machine pretty good with the second batch. :P

Also I'm trying to get ready for yet another week out of town...  Atlanta, Here I come!!! If anyone can find a legitimate way to expense a 90 minute massage for $190 let me know.  I would love to run the details past my boss who knows that I deserve the massage and would never begrudge spending company money on such an important necessity.  ;)

Well that's it.... Is it bad that I talked about so many different things?  Not really a focused post...  but it feels good to get everything "blogged" so to speak.  Thanks for reading!!

The big plunge...

Starting Weight 193.8
Week 1 194.2 - +.4
W- 2 190.2 - -4.0
W- 3 186.4 - -3.8
W- 4 186.2 - -0.2
W- 5 184.0 - -2.2
W- 6 184.5 - +0.5
W- 7 185.0 - -0.5
W- 8 183.2 - -1.8
W- 9 180.0 - -3.2
W- 10 183.2 - +3.2
W- 11 179.0 - -4.2
W- 12 177.1 - -1.9
W- 13 175.1 - -2.0
W- 14 171.6 - -3.5
W- 15 169.9 - -1.7
W- 16 168.4 - -1.5
W- 17 165.4 - -3.0
W- 18 161.9 - -3.5
W- 19 165.4 - +3.0
W- 20 163.0 - -2.4
W- 21 165.8 - +2.8
W- 22 162.0 - -3.8
W- 23 159.8 - +0.4
W- 24 158.0 - -2.7
W-k 25 156.4 - -1.6
W- 26 154.3 - -2.1
W- 27 153.9 - -0.4
W- 28 152.0 - -1.9
August 30, 2009
W- 29 149.9 - -2.1
W- 30 147.7 - -2.2
W- 31 147.1 - -0.6
W- 32 149.5 - +2.4
W- 33 151.3 - +1.8
W- 34 150.2 - -1.1
W- 35 150.8 - +0.6
W- 36 150.3 - -0.5
W- 37 149.1 - -1.2
W- 38 149.8 - +0.7
W- 39 150.1 +0.3
W- 40 156.3 +6.2
W- 41 153.3 -3.0
W- 42 152.6 -0.7
W- 43 152.6 -0.0
W- 44 150.7 -1.9
W- 45 152.4 +1.7
W- 46 153.0 +0.6
W- 47 152.3 +0.7
W- 48 150.1 -2.2

W- 49 147.5 -2.6
W- 50 146.3 -1.2
W- 53 151.0 +2.0
W- 54 149.3 -1.7
W- 55 144.9 -4.4
W- 56 144.1 -0.8
W- 57 140.0 lbs. Goal!!!!