Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Sparkle!!!

Kaylee, Ben and I spent the evening putting up the tree!

It's nice to have it done already and with so much help we had it up and decorated in just over an hour. Nice!!!

Weekly Weigh-In (#42)

152.6 Today.  So that's good.  Down 0.7 from last week.

I gained about a pound less than Dennis so I win the competition between the two of us.  Which means I am the winner... no prize since neither of hit the 10 pound loss we were shooting for.  However, we made it through Thanksgiving MUCH bettter than we have in years past. 

The exercise room that I set up in the Front Room is very functional, looks pretty good and is seeing some use by me.  I'm so proud.  I've not established an everyday habit yet, but I'm in there three to four times a week for the last two weeks. Yay for me.  The exercise room has the Total Gym that we borrowed from my parents, the Elliptical Machine and the Recumbant Bike and the Fitness Balls.  

I had put a blanket on the window for a temporary privacy screen... TACKY, I know, but effective on a couple of levels. 

Dennis HATES the blanket.  After we talked over priorities and money, Dennis contacted a blind company and had them come out and take measurements and I'm getting some Cellular Blinds!!!!  Merry Christmas to me!!!   They are double celled and will be great for insulating the window during the summer and the winter.  They should be here in about 3 weeks.  I deferred to Kaylee's choice on color after I chose my top 4 picks.  She really does have good taste, and I trust her artistic judgement over mine.  Until then, the blanket will stay, because despite my sparkle, I really don't want to exercise for the neighborhood, and I'm feeling really great about the exercise.
Oh... and I'm giving next year's "word of the year" lots of thought.  This is an important decision after all and must be carefully thought out.  Don't want to be throwing a word out there like ORDER... as Dennis pointed out, I could get confused, and start placing orders off of home shopping network instead of organizing the closet.  Thinking thinking thinking...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In (#40 and #41)

Today I'm down from last week, but up from week 39.  153.3.

Last week was ugly. 156 point something. I just couldn't think of anything nice to say so I took a week off from the blog. I was SO mad.  It's a new week, now...

I'm still here.  Still working the plan.

I did really well with exercise during my business trip and now that my audit is over I'm excited to pick it up again starting today.  It made me really happy to be doing another healthy thing for me, so even though the scale did not reinforce those good feelings, I'm thinking there were too many other variables going on even though I worked hard to stay on plan.

We usually have two Thanksgiving celebrations, and one of these was yesterday.  I ate mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, turkey, sweet potatoes and frog-eye salad.  It was all so good!!   I enjoyed every bite!  I did eat to feeling very full but not uncomfortable. 

One more dinner on Thursday... I'm planning on watching portions even better and stopping in time to feel satisfied after eating, but not "very full". 

Dennis and I are neck and neck on our competition, lol.  He would have had me beat  yesterday, but the mashed potatoes set him back a bit.  (insert evil laugh here).  So next week is the end of the competition to lose 10 pounds.  I'll be ecstatic with anything in the 140s.  It's  been fun weighing in with him.  He did a pre-victory dance yesterday to taunt me... I laughed because he was being very funny and congratulated him on his success.  It was good to do that little check before the feast and it helped me stay on course.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lunch... and Dinner. Then... and Now.

I loved lunch today, but this salad with no dressing was huge and very filling! It had cashews, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, apples and chicken over spinach. It was also Dinner. I ate two apples and 6 oz of some chicken I brought with me for dinner tonight. So far so good!
Oh I found a picture of me in my hotel about a year ago...  and decided to take one now for contrast.  (I didn't' take pictures of my food a year ago... I hate to think about what that meal looked like.
Then...   (not sure what motivated this picture... boredom? self-evaluation?

and now...

I see more SPARKLE!!!  Must be those good eats!!
(Pardon the messy hair... I got my hair wet in the hot tub about an hour ago... )

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weber Wants Kaylee!!

Kaylee got her acceptance letter for Weber in the mail... She also got a High Honor Scholarship for her grades that knocks $2100 off the price for her first year.  She's stoked!!!   We're stoked!!!! YAY!!!!!!

She's also applying to Southern Utah University and Colorado State University.  They also have majors that go along with her being a commercial art director...  she's retaking the ACT test next month to try and get a better score.  The bigger the score the better the chances for scholarships and the better the scholarships are.

She's working really hard to make sure and keep her grades up this year.  She pulled off a 4.0 and is ranked 6th in her class out of 259 students.  It's one thing to be one of the top three in a small school like Hoehne, but I think it's helped a bunch to transition to a bigger school and still be doing so well.  She really needed this transition.  Weber is huge at over 20,000 undergraduate students.  When you go from a class of 15 to a class of 259 that is HUGE, but it does something to prepare you for big changes, I would think.

Woooot Kaylee!!! You ROCK!!!!

Weekly Weigh-In (#39)

I weighed in this morning at 150.1 I'm up 0.3 pounds from last week.

I am going to be traveling to our other manufacturing plant this coming week for work.  I started to fall into thinking:  "This is going to throw my eating off track.", and then I remembered the trip I took earlier in the year where I planned ahead and packed food, so that I could stay on plan.  Surely, if it can be done once it can be done again.

Now, I'm viewing it as an opportunity and actually looking forward to how I can make the most of it.

I'm going to need to make extra sure that I make it so that I don't have to eat out much, if at all.  I'll continue taking my lunches, and see if I can get a room with a refrigerator at least so it gives me some flexibility with what I can take. 

I'll make it a point to take advantage of the exercise room at the hotel and possibly the swimming pool.  Maybe I can use the trip as a chance to get some new habits worked into my schedule.  Sometimes the best thing for getting some momentum when trying to make a change for me is to do it when I'm "out of my element" so to speak. 

This could work!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Skinny Cows

I made it to the Farmer's Market at Thanksgiving Point the last day about a month ago and talked to about three ranchers about their beef. One of the ranchers told me they had an italian breed that is very lean compared to traditional beef. I was very interested!  (I still have tons of beef in the freezer, so I'm interested, but not really looking to buy just yet.) 
I ordered a sampling of the Piedmont Beef this week and tonight we tried the roast. I just cooked it in the pressure cooker until fall apart tender. (an hour and a half from frozen, for a 3 pound roast.). Neither Dennis or I could taste a difference from the roasts we've made in the past. I didn't notice a texture difference either. A tender roast is a tender roast... and you can generally get that with most roasts, if you cook it long enough.

The real test is the steak. I got one t-bone and I will leave it to Dennis to say whether it's more tender than the other stuff. I warned him that they say to cook it on high heat and that it cooks faster than traditional beef... he's definitely the steak expert, it's just a matter of making sure that he consciously thinks about making a comparison. I have learned that if you just wait to see if he notices something different... he seldom does, lol.
Here are the nutritional comparisons, which is why I'm so interested in this stuff.

Nutritional Comparisons:

Skinny Cow
Traditional Skinless Chicken
Traditional Beef
Fat (g)





Protein (g)



Cholesterol (mg)

Piedmont Beef Comparison

Chicken Breast, no skin, 4 ounces
Piedmont Beef, 4 oz
Roasting Chicken, light meat, 100 grams
Chicken Thigh, 100 grams

Update 1: Dennis cooked one of the T-Bones tonight and declared it "no better than the T-Bones we've been buying" but no worse either. Considering how much he eats the stuff, I think that going with the Piedmonte would be an easy healthy change to make in our household that would really make a big difference for him... even if it does cost more.  Dennis said that it's different without the fat marbled in... and seems unconvinced that it is healthier for him, lol.

Update 2:  Dennis cooked up the hamburger tonight.  I looked for the fat that dripped down through the grill and ... there isn't really any!  There's some juice... but no fat.  I think it's awesome and Dennis thinks it tastes weird.  The steak more so than the hamburger.  Less yummy flavor, too.  Poor Dennis, he's just not that happy!
Next time we buy... this is what we are getting.  He'll be used to the idea by then, right?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In (#38)

I seem to have figured out maintenance... except that maintenance is not my goal right now. 

I'm up .07 this week... I think that the losses will come... just can't give up.

Can't say that I didn't enjoy the Raspberry Almond Torte that Dennis so graciously brought home from his night out at Market Street Grill.  It is sweeter and richer than I remembered it being, but I still ate the whole slice.  I would have shared it with Kaylee, but she got her own piece from Dennis.

Other than that one indulgence, I've taken control of night and weekend eating and feel happy with the choices I've made all week.  Until next week... then.   Adieu.

The big plunge...

Starting Weight 193.8
Week 1 194.2 - +.4
W- 2 190.2 - -4.0
W- 3 186.4 - -3.8
W- 4 186.2 - -0.2
W- 5 184.0 - -2.2
W- 6 184.5 - +0.5
W- 7 185.0 - -0.5
W- 8 183.2 - -1.8
W- 9 180.0 - -3.2
W- 10 183.2 - +3.2
W- 11 179.0 - -4.2
W- 12 177.1 - -1.9
W- 13 175.1 - -2.0
W- 14 171.6 - -3.5
W- 15 169.9 - -1.7
W- 16 168.4 - -1.5
W- 17 165.4 - -3.0
W- 18 161.9 - -3.5
W- 19 165.4 - +3.0
W- 20 163.0 - -2.4
W- 21 165.8 - +2.8
W- 22 162.0 - -3.8
W- 23 159.8 - +0.4
W- 24 158.0 - -2.7
W-k 25 156.4 - -1.6
W- 26 154.3 - -2.1
W- 27 153.9 - -0.4
W- 28 152.0 - -1.9
August 30, 2009
W- 29 149.9 - -2.1
W- 30 147.7 - -2.2
W- 31 147.1 - -0.6
W- 32 149.5 - +2.4
W- 33 151.3 - +1.8
W- 34 150.2 - -1.1
W- 35 150.8 - +0.6
W- 36 150.3 - -0.5
W- 37 149.1 - -1.2
W- 38 149.8 - +0.7
W- 39 150.1 +0.3
W- 40 156.3 +6.2
W- 41 153.3 -3.0
W- 42 152.6 -0.7
W- 43 152.6 -0.0
W- 44 150.7 -1.9
W- 45 152.4 +1.7
W- 46 153.0 +0.6
W- 47 152.3 +0.7
W- 48 150.1 -2.2

W- 49 147.5 -2.6
W- 50 146.3 -1.2
W- 53 151.0 +2.0
W- 54 149.3 -1.7
W- 55 144.9 -4.4
W- 56 144.1 -0.8
W- 57 140.0 lbs. Goal!!!!