Sunday, February 1, 2009

Coupon Update... and other stuff

or... Where's My Friggin Papers???
I got back from my Wyoming trip about 4:30... no coupons. They didn't deliver my 5 papers today.
The upside is I get to blog and kinda watch the Superbowl with my Husband... which is a NICE way to spend the evening.
Still, it's buggy. I thought about calling to ask Dennis if they came this morning. If you call them by 10:00 am they will run them out to you. Guess I'll call first thing tomorrow. I'm hoping they will replace them tomorrow.
It's important to my well being that my collection of coupons is whole. I don't want to wonder when I see something on sale whether those coupons were in a paper I never got.
Show and Tell
Friday, I took my "awesome coupon binder" to work for Show and Tell. Cathy thought I was crazy to spend $75 on something I could have made lots cheaper. I told her it was worth it to me in time saved shopping for all the pieces and parts. Plus this one is exactly how I would want to have made sturdy and nice quality!
I showed them my grocery lists which led to telling them about and Utah's Grocery Smart list and how you know what's on sale and what coupons you might have.
Later that day when the mail came, my friend Sara had put all five of the Costco fliers in my mailbox at work. I have multiple Costco coupons, because she knew I'd like them!! So nice, huh? My sister Jamie thinks they will limit the number of coupons I can use with my membership card, though. So I guess I'll just have to see how it goes.
Chase has raised our interest rate on our credit card. They said that the primary reason for their decision is so that they can remain profitable on the account. Our interest rate was 9.99% and they want to raise it to 13.99%.
We owe a hefty amount on this card so paying them off isn't an option... We will have to opt out. If we write them a letter they will close the account and let us pay it off at the current interest rate.
Our plan was to close the account after we paid off the balance anyway, so it's not really a huge deal. Just another example though of how once you owe "THEM" money, you are at their mercy.
We are lucky they didn't decide to charge us the monthly fees that you can't opt out of. They did that to a bunch of people that had low introductory rates. People could get out of those if they agreed to a higher interest rate of 7.99% instead of the 3.9% that they were paying.
I can not wait to get out of Debt Bondage! I was listening to a Dave Ramsey Podcast on the way home today... it was a Friday. I was imagining our Friday phone call as the callers announced that they were Debt Free. I thought about how happy we would be to not have those worries anymore... I thought about screaming FREEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I cried. It's gonna be sweeter than sweet.


Heatherslife said...

So I don't mean to advertise here lol but... At discover we are doing the same thing to a small portion of our customers as well so I know what your talking about. I also know that we are ofering to new card members a 0% interest rate on balance transfers for a year and then the opertunity to extend it by making two purchases a month for the life of the loan. If your two purchases are like a pack of gum twice a month after that first year then it doesn't end up costing you much of anything in interest. I don't know if you have a discover card right now and I know that you can't borrow your way out of debt but if you can pay it off at a zero rather than what your paying now it might be something to concider :)

Trish said...

Wow, no papers AND credit card trouble. That stinks! :(
I'm glad I'm not the only one that cries when I listen to Dave Ramsey and imagine making that phone call.
It's gonna be so SWEEEET!!

Amy said...

I got my Chase letter too this week. I called them and they told me that they would not honor the 4.99% anymore and it would be going up to 13.99% unless I opt out. Which ment closing my credit card. I can not wait either. FREEDOOOOOOM!!!!

Love You

Jamie Lynn said...

read the fine print on the opt out i think that this hurts your credit to do this. Chase is the same card that I told you and Amy about that went form a min payment of 220 to 630 a month they did not change the interest rate though but they did start charging a 10 monthly fee if the account is open. can we all say chase sucks. chase sucks. ok i feel a little better. Also on my card it said if you choose to opt out that they increase your interest rate to like 30% or something(majorly high)--so read the fine print before opting out.

Amber said...

We had a credit card problem in the past too. We have ours paid off thank goodness. I hate those things

Christy said...

Heather, great info, I plan to look into this.
One thing I'm not COMPLETELY on board with Dave is his take on moving money around and debt consolidation. I know that it doesn't fix debt, but these things can help if you are making lifestyle changes as well.

Christy said...

Jamie, it does hurt your credit to close accounts. But I've decided that in the big picture it won't be so bad. I should recover quite quickly with all the DEBT I still have to pay back!
My credit score is not really a big concern for me right now. If I were going to try and get credit I would care A LOT. You know getting out of debt hurts your credit??? I'm WAY OK with that! Stupid Debt Score anyway.

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