Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Weekend

Besides the main activity of stocking the freezer with pork, I had a really great weekend.
Stuffed French Toast
I tried making Stuffed French Toast for the first time by following a recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. Mom had all the ingredients there from Orange Marmalade to crystallized ginger. We just needed to buy some French Bread.
The recipe itself was good. The cream cheese filling wasn't really sweet enough. If it were sweeter I think that we all would have liked it a bit better. It had orange marmalade and toasted almonds in the filling and an orange sauce for the top. Mom helped me shop and put this together after working a crazy long day on Friday. (6am to 8 pm... ridiculous!!!)
It's a really great make ahead meal. I would definitely try a different flavor next time and make it sweeter in the middle. I am super stoked to finally figure out how this stuff is made.
Sourdough Pancakes
Dad used to make sourdough pancakes every morning for breakfast. He did this for about a year straight and when I say everyday, I am not exaggerating. They were so so good! I remember whining one morning..."Can't we have cold cereal just once in awhile???"
So I was feeling dad out to see if I should buy him some sourdough starter for Christmas and we got looking and it was really easy to make. SO easy. It's basically yeast water flour and honey or sugar. We started some and by Christmas the mix will be properly fermented and we should be able to mix some of the starter with the pancake mix and see if we can get em to taste as yummy as they were back in the day. I love my Daddy! He's so fun and you can really see that he loves all of us girls.
I'm very lucky to have such a great set of parents. I met my cousin's girlfriend and she is a super sweet young girl. Somehow we got on the subject of parents and she said that her mom is a horrible person. I was surprised so I asked her what she meant by that. She explained her mom was always drunk, did and didn't do many many things to show her daughter that she was not important to her at all. She really sounded like a horrible mother. I told her that my mom is a super nice mom and I would share my mom with her. My relationships with my mom and dad are so important and special to me I feel really horrible for those who don't have that with their parents. Too many are deserving of that really special bond and love and have to find it elsewhere in their lives.


Amy said...

I thought the stuff french toast was really good. It definately was worth the drive over. I enjoyed spending time with you this weekend.

Trish said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
The stuffed french toast sounds yummy! I actually like it when the cream cheese is not too sweet. Have you had the stuffed french toast at Mimi's Cafe? perfection!! I'll have to look up the BH&G recipe and give it a try. I have orange marmalade and crystallized ginger. It's meant to be!
If you guys get a good sourdough starter going I'd LOVE a start if you ever find yourself needing to give some away. LOL I was making sourdough bread early last year (before the world fell apart) but my starter wasn't sour enough. I like it strong.
You're so right about how lucky you are to have such a great relationship with your parents. It's funny to read that here today. I'm fuming this morning about someone we both know who is really screwing it up. My heart is breaking for their sweet babies. I speak from experience when I say that not having a close and loving relationship with your parents is something that is SOOOOOO difficult to turn around. It's a legacy that you pass on to your kids unless you make a serious effort not to. I struggle with it every day and it's so hard to watch someone doing everything they can to give their kids the same crappy experience they had growing up.
Sorry. Didn't mean to be a downer. But you're right, it's a BIG deal. Pat your parents on the back for me. ;)

Christy said...

I've never been to Mimi's. I tried stuffed French Toast at a couple of places.
I like Swedish Pancakes with the Lindonberry Sauce at IHOP, but their Stuffed French Toast simply isn't. It's more like a dougnut. I think that Village Inn did a pretty good job with it, but it's been a long time.
I will definitely get you some starter once we get it going. I'm so excited! I think we're going to make the sour dough pancakes from scratch, or add to some Lehi Mills Pancake mix.
Do you have a BH&G cookbook? I can see if I can type up the recipe if you need help finding it.

Trish said...

I HIGHLY recommend Mimi's stuffed french toast. It's actually called "Triple Berry Stuffed French Toast" and it is the best I've ever had. Also, not coincidentally, Mimi's is located near my doctors office. I grew a fetus on that stuff! LOL
I agree about IHOP's version. BLECH! It's stuffed with cake frosting or something. :shudder:
I don't have a BH&G cookbook. :( I was hoping to find the recipe on their website but no luck. When you have time I'd LOVE the recipe.

Christy said...

I have an older version of the cookbook and it doesn't have the recipe. I'll have to get it from my Mom.

The big plunge...

Starting Weight 193.8
Week 1 194.2 - +.4
W- 2 190.2 - -4.0
W- 3 186.4 - -3.8
W- 4 186.2 - -0.2
W- 5 184.0 - -2.2
W- 6 184.5 - +0.5
W- 7 185.0 - -0.5
W- 8 183.2 - -1.8
W- 9 180.0 - -3.2
W- 10 183.2 - +3.2
W- 11 179.0 - -4.2
W- 12 177.1 - -1.9
W- 13 175.1 - -2.0
W- 14 171.6 - -3.5
W- 15 169.9 - -1.7
W- 16 168.4 - -1.5
W- 17 165.4 - -3.0
W- 18 161.9 - -3.5
W- 19 165.4 - +3.0
W- 20 163.0 - -2.4
W- 21 165.8 - +2.8
W- 22 162.0 - -3.8
W- 23 159.8 - +0.4
W- 24 158.0 - -2.7
W-k 25 156.4 - -1.6
W- 26 154.3 - -2.1
W- 27 153.9 - -0.4
W- 28 152.0 - -1.9
August 30, 2009
W- 29 149.9 - -2.1
W- 30 147.7 - -2.2
W- 31 147.1 - -0.6
W- 32 149.5 - +2.4
W- 33 151.3 - +1.8
W- 34 150.2 - -1.1
W- 35 150.8 - +0.6
W- 36 150.3 - -0.5
W- 37 149.1 - -1.2
W- 38 149.8 - +0.7
W- 39 150.1 +0.3
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W- 47 152.3 +0.7
W- 48 150.1 -2.2

W- 49 147.5 -2.6
W- 50 146.3 -1.2
W- 53 151.0 +2.0
W- 54 149.3 -1.7
W- 55 144.9 -4.4
W- 56 144.1 -0.8
W- 57 140.0 lbs. Goal!!!!